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This quick read is filled with powerful insights about a topic that is not very trendy today. Honor is essential in God’s Kingdom and this book sheds light on what the Bible teaches us about honoring God and all authority figures in our lives. Definitely get this download to identify dishonor and remove barriers to God opening doors and bringing favor in your life!


This quick read is filled with revelation from God especially pertaining to the rebellion and dishonor that’s shown in today’s society. This book makes us want to examine ourselves in order to see where the enemy (the devil) hurt us and then used us in order to hurt others. This book is a must read for everyone in order to destroy the strongholds of the enemy in our lives so God can truly show us His plan for our lives! This is great news!

Chris Isaac 

This book answered a couple of questions I had as a kid. Sometimes I would wonder why people did certain things and I would even go as far as trying to change people. One of the things this book has taught me is people are what they are today simply because of how they were programed. And there is absolutely no way to change how a person is programed but through the word of God. PERIOD!!!

Kynissa Martin

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